Wren house nesting box /Carolina wren / chickadee /nuthatch


Owl Shaped opening – So you get to see the whole owl!

Natural Western Red Cedar – painted Vintage  Blue and distressed

Dimensions : 22-1/2” x 6” x 5″

Roof is 8-1/2″ with a  2″ overhang.

Owl Shaped opening is approx.  3-1/4″ x  5-1/2″  high

Box is 14″ deep from the floor to the opening



Handcrafted from western red cedar this Wren house is designed with a 1-1/8” slotted opening ideal for birds that build their nest with long twigs such as wrens, chickadees and nuthatches.
The 1-1/8” opening also prevents sparrows and starlings from nesting in the box and helps to protects the wren and their young .
Ideal for all species of wrens including the Carolina wren and house wren.

Comes complete with hardware mounting kit (two L brackets and screws) and instruction sheet.

Additional information

Color & Opening Shape

Cedar – Rectangular, Blue – Rectangular, Cedar – Owl Shaped, Blue – Owl Shaped


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