About Our Bat Houses

bat houses

bat houses

  • Bat Houses
  • 100% Western Red Cedar,
  • Environmentally friendly mosquito eaters. Reduce your risk of West Nile Virus!
  • “One colony of bats can eat 500,000 insects each night. A single brown bat can catch and eat up to 1200 mosquitoes in an hour. Most bats can eat up to 3000 mosquitoes a night!”
  • This house was designed based on the results of more than 10 years of research and meets and exceeds all 10 criteria as outlined by “Bat Conservation International” bat certification program, bat houses.
  • Bat houses such as this tend to have higher occupancy rates than the smaller houses. The interior surface and landing platform is made of rough cut cedar make it easy for bats to cling when roosting and landing. No artificial netting or mesh just all natural wood.
  • The ventilation gap in the front of the house in conjunction with the attic space / birthing chamber (triple and condo models) serves to maintain proper temperature and helps with air circulation. The roof is slanted forward at 30 degrees for optimal rain run-off. This bat house weathers beautifully as it is made of weather-resistant Western Red Cedar.
  • The house is fully caulked with a 50 year adhesive caulking and offers a design which has been proven to be a key factor in occupancy.
  • 3/4″ chamber(s) give protection from predators, and deters wasp and hornets which prefer 1 1/2″ chambers. The chamber(s) are also constructed with rough cut cedar which provide natural grasping points for bats.
  • Proper bat house design is a very important factor in occupancy. This design has been proven to have a greater than 80% occupancy rate. Triple-celled bat houses tend to work quicker and for longer periods (i.e. throughout spring, summer, and fall).
  • Comes with mounting instructions & hardware
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Bats that use this house: big brown, cave, eastern pipistrelle, evening, little brown, Mexican free-tailed, northern long-eared, pallid, Pallas’ mastiff, Rafinesque’s big-eared, southeastern, and Yuma bat.
  • No pressure treated wood, no plywood simply because they don’t stand up to the environment, and because of the chemicals used to treat and and manufacture plywood.
  • We use rough cut Western Red Cedar for the qualities it possesses; extreme rot resistance, naturally insect resistant, lighter in weight than pine or plywood for easier mounting, stays very stable when exposed to the environment, and it comes rough cut from the mill. Western Red Cedar qualities mean low to no maintenance.
  • Bat Conservation International (BCI), recommends the use of durable woods such as cedar.


Capacity: condo – 600 bats / triple – 300 bats / double – 200 bats / single -100 bats


condo 28″H x 28″W x 5″depth
triple 28″H x 14″W x 5″depth
double 28″H x 14″W x 3½”depth
single 28″H x 14″W x 2½”depth
kit 12″H x 7″W x 2½” depth (educational use)

Shipping Weight: condo 30 lbs / triple 15 lbs / double 12 lbs / single 8 lbs