Cedar Screech Owl House / Nesting Box / Owl Box / Cedar Owl Shaped Opening


99 in stock (can be backordered)

Owl Shaped opening – So you get to see the whole owl!

Natural Western Red Cedar

Dimensions : 22-1/2” x 6” x 5″

Roof is 8-1/2″ with a  2″ overhang.

Owl Shaped opening is approx.  3-1/4″ x  5-1/2″  high

Box is 14″ deep from the floor to the opening

99 in stock (can be backordered)



Cedar Screech Owl House Owl Shaped Opening
This not just another owl house !
Constructed using long lasting Western Red Cedar, this sturdy handmade owl nesting box is made to last.
Each owl house is handmade in my small woodshop is located in Garden Ridge, Texas USA.
Family owned and operated since 1997, I have been making wildlife habitats for your backyard critters.
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Why Do I Want Screech Owls in my Yard?

Screech owls eat small rodents and backyard pests providing exceptional pest control and help to prevent damage to your lawn or garden. This means you can use less or even no harmful pesticides! Imagine a peaceful evening listening to the owls calling.  And then all of a sudden you hear another. Perhaps it’s a potential mate. Or, maybe just a conversation with another owl.  If you’re lucky, you may even get a mating pair to move in. Nothing beats looking up into your owl house and seeing a couple of  baby owlets in the opening.

Are Screech Owls Fun?

Screech owls are especially social. Once established in your Lone Star Woodcraft Vintage Blue Owl House, they will perch proudly in the opening which is designed so you get to see the WHOLE Owl.  They like to take in the sun’s rays and also scout out the area for dinner. They aren’t typically scared off by children, pets, dogs, or mowers etc. and are too small to be a threat to your cats or small dogs.  Screech Owls will help control the large insect (cockroaches, scorpions etc. ) and rodent such as mice that can do significant damage to your property. Also, having Screech Owls nearby speak to the natural balance of the ecosystem in your yard.

Does your Cedar Screech Owl House Really Work?

Take a look at our website and see the many pictures of our satisfied customer’s owl houses with owls living in them. This Cedar Screech Owl House require no maintenance and does not require cleaning each season. Just place a few handfuls of some dried crushed leaves from your yard in the bottom of the house (1-2″) before you mount it. Unlike other birds that require a fresh start every year, Screech Owls are “lazy” nest builders and prefer to reuse the same nest year after year and just add to it as needed. No need for gimmicky cleanout doors which weaken the structure and are prone to failure, potentially exposing the owls, their nest, eggs or owlets to predators.

Cedar Screech Owl House Dimensions:

– Approx. ~ 22-1/2″ x 6” x 5″
– Roof is 8-1/2″ with a 2″ overhang
-Owl Shaped opening is approx.  3-1/4″ x  5-1/2″  high, perfect for full Owl Viewing!
– Box is 14″ deep from the floor to the opening
– Weight: ~6 lbs.
– Just add a few handfuls of some dried crushed leaves from your backyard

 How and Where Do I Mount It?

Each Cedar Screech Owl House comes with an instruction card and mounting hardware kit with several mounting options.If you’re still not sure, you can call me anytime or email/text me a couple of photos of your yard and I can help you pick the best spot.

Mounting kit comes with:

(2) L-brackets
(4) 3/4″ screws
(4) 1-5/8″ screws
Instruction card
Easily attaches to a tree, pole or building.
Weight: ~6 lbs.
Also  available in:
-Owl Shaped Opening ( Vintage Blue)
Rated as one of the TOP Five Owl houses

Additional information

Color & Opening Shape

Cedar – Rectangular, Blue – Rectangular, Cedar – Owl Shaped, Blue – Owl Shaped


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