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Gorey Bat Earrings

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Gorey sterling silver earrings that match the flying bat necklace

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Edward Gorey Bat Earrings
Bat Earrings adapted in low relief from Edward Gorey’s illustration “Bats and Bicycles” for the book The Broken Spoke.
Gorey’s initials are on the back and the earrings are mounted with a garnet bead.
Gorey was very interested in bats and drew a number of them.
These are exceptional with their delicate tracery captured beautifully in Sterling Silver.
A truly unique figure in American art and illustration.
Gorey’s carefully executed drawings depict a mythical world in a style that is instantly recognizable.
Sterling Silver Earrings
Size 3/4″ Wide
Made in the USA
Created using the lost wax casting process where a carved or cast wax original is encased in clay or other investment,
the wax is melted under temperature and the resulting voids are filled with molten silver.
Used since early Egyptian times for casting fine metals where the highest level of detail was required.


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