Mason Bees are excellent pollinators. Sale!

Mason Bee House

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Mason Bees are excellent pollinators

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Mason Bee House

Mason Bees are excellent pollinators. They have a pollination success rate of 93% to 98% as apposed to honey bees that have a 3% pollination success rate. The bees do not have a queen to protect so they won’t attack if they are disturbed. This is a much better choice for the backyard garden especially if children are around. 14″ tall x 5.25″ x 3.75″ with 5/16″ holes.


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    The bee houses are AWESOME. With honeybees struggling to survive, we feel like we’re helping the environment.

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    The Mason Bees are loving their new house, and we are seeing them busily pollinating the garden. Their house appears to be completely full – is it too late to put up another house for them? I put their house on the garden fence, facing south, and it seems to be working well for them. Larry H.

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